21st March 2024
Marshall Arena, Stadium MK
21st March 2024, Marshall Arena, Stadium MK

Throughout the 10 years of MKBAA, the award categories have evolved to reflect the growth of the city, and the themes and issues which matter to businesses and the wider community.

Since the initial launch of MKBAA, the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award has held a special place within the ceremony. Recognising the people who have spent their careers making a significant impact on the city, the celebrated award was often synonymous with people either at, or reaching, the point of retirement.

To mark the significant impact that people, from all stages in their careers, are making across the city, in 2024, the Lifetime Achievement Award is now the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award.

This will be awarded to an individual who has had a sustained, active, and deep involvement in the communities of Milton Keynes over a number of years. Demonstrating outstanding leadership within the community across business or civic life, the winner will have proven evidence of making a significant contribution to the city.

While entries for all other categories closed on November 17th, nominations for the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award will remain open until February.

To nominate someone for this coveted award, which is sponsored by Mercer & Hole, please email outstanding@mkbaa.co.uk with the name of person and 500 words as to why you believe they are a deserved recipient of this award.

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