21st March 2024
Marshall Arena, Stadium MK
21st March 2024, Marshall Arena, Stadium MK

Milton Keynes Leading the UK’s High-tech Future


The Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards is the region’s premier annual celebration of business. It brings together the widest array of businesspeople, educators, local politicians, and civic leaders, to be found in one room, at any point throughout the year. Our guests come to meet, to enthuse, and above all, to celebrate all that is wonderful about our thriving powerhouse of an economy.

As such, the awards not only provide a rare opportunity to promote your organisation’s brand to a very influential audience, that has real buying power.

Those of us that live in Milton Keynes, know that from its inception as a new town, it has been wonderfully disruptive, joyfully breaking the mould of what a future city could be, look like, and achieve. From our grid system and self-funded, green spaces to our robots and driverless pods, famously, Milton Keynes has done things differently. Different by design: it is this pioneering spirit that has set Milton Keynes apart from all other UK cities, and as the natural place to develop, trial, and roll out, new ideas and technologies.

Our status as a leading centre for technology and innovation was recently confirmed by Whitecap Consulting’s report, which found that one-third of all people in Milton Keynes worked in and around technology, and that approximately one-fifth of our 12,675 business, were technology related. Further, £3.4bn of our total £14.7bn GVA is related to technology, which is higher than much larger cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester.

However, the report concludes that whilst we have “a strong and thriving tech sector that demonstrates pockets of exciting innovation, there was room for even further growth, as we needed to work harder on making our tech ecosystem in Milton Keynes become more connected and cohesive.

We have a very real opportunity to dominate the UK’s technology sector, but we must continue to be characteristically bold. We need our whole to be greater than the sum of our parts, and we need to shamelessly promote our strengths. In short, we need Milton Keynes to be on the lips of everyone in Silicon Valley when they are looking at a map of the UK, and where to place their next site.

By choosing our theme this year, we hope to play our part in this journey to success; and given the days of blanket coverage on social media associated with our 2023 awards, then our tenth anniversary, 2024 awards will be even bigger and better, and hopefully will be heard as far as California.

If you would like to become a sponsor of our awards, we have a limited number of packages left. Please download our Sponsorship Packages Booklet to find out more.

  • This is the most prestigious award in Milton Keynes – to win an award is a real honour, and we’re absolutely delighted.
  • Winning the small business category back in 2019 had such a positive effect on our business and has helped our rapid growth.
  • Events like this are great because it brings everybody together, (at really tough times) to show how buoyant and really fantastic our economy is here in a great city.

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