21st March 2024
Marshall Arena, Stadium MK
21st March 2024, Marshall Arena, Stadium MK

The Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards is the region’s premier business awards ceremony. It brings together the widest array of businesspeople, local politicians, and civic leaders to be found in one room, at any point of the year. Our guests come to meet, to enthuse, and beyond all, to celebrate all that is wonderful about our thriving powerhouse of a community.

Not only do the awards provide a rare opportunity to promote your organisation’s brand to a very influential audience, that has real buying power, they also enable the organisers of the awards to shape the adoption of ethical, caring, and sustainable business practices within our city, by choosing themes that represent something significant.

The last two awards ceremonies have covered the important topics of “Health & Wellbeing” and “Environmental & Sustainability”. Each has been extremely well received and has added gravitas to the awards themselves, our winners, and our sponsors. Having set the bar so high at previous ceremonies, 23rd March 2023 will see the 9th iteration of the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards. It promises to be the biggest and best yet, and the first since Milton Keynes officially became a city. But what theme could once again help us exceed expectations?

According to census data from 1991, the number of people of colour living in Milton Keynes was just 6% of our population. Subsequent data from the 2001 census showed that this number had doubled to 13%; and had doubled again to 26%, by 2011. With data from the 2021 Census due to be published, it is widely thought that the percentage of people of colour living within the Unitary Authority of Milton Keynes will have reached the high thirties. This statistic marks Milton Keynes as one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the UK and it is what has inspired the suggested theme for next year’s MKBAA: Celebrating Diversity.

However, diversity comes in many forms, and it is important that we recognise and celebrate all our differences, as much as we do our similarities. We have a wonderful opportunity in Milton Keynes to ensure that we are not only one of the most diverse communities in the UK, but also that we are one of the most harmonious and mutually tolerant.

We look forward to welcoming your organisation, whether as an entrant, a sponsor or partner, in helping to recognise and celebrate our diversity at this year’s Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards.

If you would like to become a sponsor of our awards, we have a limited number of packages left. Please download our Sponsorship Packages Booklet to find out more.


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