21st March 2024
Marshall Arena, Stadium MK
21st March 2024, Marshall Arena, Stadium MK

The Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards (MKBAA) will return on 23rd March 2023 and organisers, Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership (MKBLP), have announced the theme for next year’s event will be ‘Celebrating Diversity’.

With a hugely diverse business community in Milton Keynes, MKBLP, along with its partners, marketing agency, Interdirect and events company, Evolution, invites us all to celebrate our unique differences and highlights the importance of workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

We caught up with Nicholas Mann, Chair of MKBLP, to find out more about why this theme has been chosen for MKBAA 2023:

Q: So, Nick why ‘Celebrating Diversity’?
A: As a young and vibrant City, Milton Keynes is leading the way in many areas, including in the diversity of its businesses and the people behind them. We want to celebrate the successes of our diverse and ambitious business community, which reflects all backgrounds and talents.

Q. How do you feel this theme will resonate with local businesses and organisations?
A: Many Milton Keynes Businesses have increased their focus on DEI in recent years, raising the standards within their organisations and ensuring a working environment and culture that is genuinely inclusive. Businesses understand that we need difference – difference of ideas and perspective, difference in experiences and approaches to challenges and we’re looking forward to seeing how Milton Keynes has really embraced these differences to create new opportunities for its current and future employees.

Q. What are you looking forward to most about MKBAA 2023?
A: I’m looking forward to approaching next year’s awards differently! It’s fair to say that when I took over the awards from my predecessor, Dr Philip Smith MBE in 2020, I was reluctant to make too many big changes too quickly. Having now led two successful events, which had some additional challenges, in that they bookended the pandemic, I feel confident that the business community in Milton Keynes is excited to see the awards progress and evolve. I’m looking forward to new ideas, welcoming new businesses and exploring new opportunities for MKBAA 2023.

This year’s headline sponsor Milton Keynes Council, premium sponsor All Things Business and category sponsor DBFB will all back the awards for another year and there are a large number of previous supporters who have already expressed their interest in being involved again as well as a few newbies.

If you’d like to sponsor the awards, as a headliner, category or other sponsor, please get in touch at sponsorship@mkbaa.co.uk.

To find out more about the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards, and keep up to date with the latest information follow @MK_BAA on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and join the discussion on LinkedIn.

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