Guide: How to Enter

Like last year, we’re keeping the two stage process to keep entries shorter and more concise.

Entries open 17th September 2021 and close 26th November 2021.

When you register or login, we’re asking you to provide some initial information about your business

A. What market sector does your business operate in? 25-50 words

B. How many staff, contractors and volunteers work for your business?

C. Who are your customers? 25-50 words

You can then choose up to two categories to enter 


For stage 1, there is just one question to answer and it will be category specific. This question is designed to help entrants focus on what the judges are looking for.

There’s no need to submit your entry, simply save your questions each time you update it and your submission will be automatically entered on the deadline, 26th November 2021.

Stage 1 results will be published TBC, and businesses that have been successful will be invited to complete stage 2.

At Stage 2, we ask successful entrants to elaborate on their original answers and take the opportunity to add more information about their business to assist our judging panel. It’s at this stage that our judges will compile their shortlists of finalists for the Awards night!

Stage 2 results and our list of finalists will be published TBC.

Finalists will be contacted to film a spoken commentary about your entry and what has stood out for the judges about your business. The films will be shown to the 600 guests at the Awards dinner, should you be successful in gaining a nomination.

As with our previous awards, any organisation with an MK** postcode can enter, in a maximum of 2 categories. Our team is here to help you so call or email us if you have any questions whatsoever or need help with submitting your entry.