Winning landscape company take more awards

We caught up with one of last year’s winners, Bridgman & Bridgman LLP, to see how their win has affected them and their business over the last few months. Bridgman & Bridgman LLP is a Landscape and Living Roof Services provider established in Milton Keynes. The company is this year celebrating ten years of incorporation as national horticultural contractors, having worked on many prestigious projects around the country, both creating commercial landscape schemes on the ground and building award-winning gardens in the sky.

Director Chris Bridgman told us “We were thrilled to win first place in the ‘Environment Category’ of the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards in 2016. Our commitment to reducing our CO² emissions, through our operations and the green services we offer, will hopefully have a positive impact on the planet for future generations.”

The company has built on their MKBAA success by giving a commitment to ‘Environmental Best Practice’ which has also been recognised by the International Green Organisation, and a Green Apple Award was presented to them in November 2016 at the Houses of Parliament.

Chris continued, “The MKBAA is an extremely worthwhile event for all local businesses and it was fantastic to be recognised for our achievements alongside other deserving nominees. The benefits of participating have far exceeded our expectations.”

Green ChapelAnd networking at the awards provided a huge opportunity completely out of the blue for the company to get involved with an iconic Milton Keynes event. “Through meeting and talking with the directors of The Stables, Bridgman & Bridgman became involved in supporting IF:MK International Festival 2016. Our contribution to the Festival was the design and build of the ‘Green Chapel’ (pictured), which was recently awarded a European Green Roof Beauty Award.”

2016 has been a stellar year for the company and we wish them continued success in coming years, we hope that the nominees and winners in 2017 can harness some of this same sense of achievement and use it positively during next year.