Professional Services

Today’s best organisations understand that their success is largely determined by how well their workforce performs. Part of the performance dynamic is doing all that can be done to ensure that workforces are healthy and enjoy as good a state of well being at work as possible. Well being is not just about physical health but also includes mental wellbeing and care for the environment, For this award the judges are seeking examples of organisations health and well being practices in action. They want examples of how organisations are investing in healthy workplaces, healthy supply chains and increased well being of both workers, customers and suppliers.The Professional Services sector plays a major part in MK’s success on a Local, Regional, National and increasingly, a Global basis. The judges are keen to hear about the forward thinking, market-leading vision or superior service standards that you bring to your chosen profession especially when dealing with diverse clients from across the globe and how your approach enhances the lives of those you work with and provide services for.

2020: A Vision for a Healthier City

This year the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards (MKBAA) is proud to focus upon the overall health and wellbeing of our great city, its inhabitants, organisations and workforce. We will judge organisations’ excellence not just on profit but also on their contributions to environmental sustainability; workforce well-being and social well-being. We define health in every way, including:

  • Mental – with the royals recently adding their powerful voices to the increasing calls to raise awareness, the issue of mental health is currently a big topic that we should not only promote, but also measure our award entrants upon. What are our entrants doing to honour their responsibilities to care for and safeguard their employees’ mental health?
  • Physical – tragically, for a city with so many wonderful green spaces connected by an extensive Redway network that spans over 200 miles, the residents and workers or our city are famously unhealthy. Yet there have been many initiatives, such as Pedalling Culture and Leap that encourage residents and workers alike to take breaks and discover healthier lifestyles. Indeed 2020 will see Milton Keynes become UK City of Sport. So what do our entrants do in order to promote physical health amongst their workforces?
  • Environmental – chillingly, it is said that humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, and with future estimates suggesting that a further one million species are on the verge of extinction. Never before has the pressure to act to improve the health and sustainability of our environment been so great. This responsibility clearly falls to us all, businesses and residents alike, so this year our awards entrants will be assessed on what they are doing to meet their obligations to future generations.
  • Financial – whilst the emphasis on this year’s awards is not all about ‘more at the expense of everything else’ it is, after all, a business achievement awards, so of course we need to check on the financial resilience of each entrant.