Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a person who has contributed to the growth and success of the Milton Keynes business community. Winners of this award have a truly outstanding level of achievement across all judging criteria. Being recognised as Milton Keynes' Lifetime Achiever will cement the winner's reputation among the business community in our city.  The winner will have demonstrated consistent best practice in business at the highest level and that it is worthy of such an accolade.

Francesca Skelton - Winner 2017

Ann Limb CBE  DL  - Chair SEMLEP - Winner 2016
Pete Winkelman - Chairman MK Dons - Winner 2015
Christian Horner  OBE  - Red Bull Racing - Winner 2014


This year the citizens of Milton Keynes are being asked to nominate individuals for the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. Click here to complete the form

The criteria for this award is that for an individual to be nominated they need to have given over 20 years of active and deep involvement in the communities of Milton Keynes. They will have provided outstanding leadership in a number of ways including in the community, in business or organisational life and in civic life. They must have demonstrated a contribution to Milton Keynes ‘Over and Above’ the norm, for a sustained period of time.