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About Milton Keynes Community Foundation

Milton Keynes Community Foundation is an independent grant-making charity working at the heart of Milton Keynes, helping to make the city a great place to live and work.

Our vision is for a thriving Milton Keynes where everyone can contribute to their community; achieved through supporting the growth and development of our local voluntary, community and cultural sector, inspiring our communities to give through philanthropy and other social action, and leading in connecting and growing sustainable communities.

Since 1986, we have worked with partners to connect people and resources with skills and projects to create positive changes in our community and enrich the lives of Milton Keynes citizens.

From humble beginnings - three grants totalling £4,662 – in the last 33 years, we’ve provided over £20 million of support to local organisations and voluntary groups through our grants programme and rent subsidies in a bid to make MK a happy, healthy place to live and work.