MK Community Foundation

About MK Community Foundation

MK Community Foundation is the leading grant-making charity in Milton Keynes working for and at the heart of Milton Keynes.  We connect people and resources to projects and ideas to create positive change in our communities.  Since the MK Community Foundation began in 1986, we have awarded over £20 million worth of support through grants and rent subsidy to our local voluntary sector.

This year our benefit to the community was over £1.7M:

• £678,867 in grants

• £268,332 Localgiving

• £769,877 property subsidies

• £47,090 conference and meeting room subsidies

About the Milton Keynes Business Leaders Fund

MK Community Foundation established the Milton Keynes Business Leaders Fund in order to focus on projects and local organisations that work to improve the business skills and enterprise for people who live in Milton Keynes. The fund also aims to tackle the issue of unemployment, by supporting projects that aim to help people in that area.

This year, The Milton Keynes Business Leaders fund supported Action4Youth and their ‘Inspire Programme’, which aims to provide young people with a better understanding of the world and what they can achieve in it. The aim is to inspire the participants and to create opportunities for them to develop their skills in different business areas. The course will focus on different professional sectors of work and aim to educate and inspire those taking part in the programme to expand their knowledge and skills in order to thrive in the work environment.

Ian Revell, Chief Executive of MK Community Foundation, said: “We would like to say thank you to everyone who supports us at the MK Business Achievement Awards and the  MK Business Leaders for establishing this important fund that creates a positive impact on our community.”

For more information about the grants that have been awarded in the past financial year, you can visit our website