MK Community Foundation

The Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership Fund was established with the proceeds of the first MK Business Achievement Awards in 2014 and is administered by MK Community Foundation.

Since then the proceeds of MK Business Achievement Awards 2015, 2016 and 2017 go to the fund. 

The fund supports local projects that focus on enterprise and business skills to improve the lives of people in Milton Keynes.  Its first recipient is the community radio station Secklow Sounds which has received a £1,500 grant to support an application to Ofcom to become a full time FM radio station across Milton Keynes. 

The station is run by volunteers and the grant will contribute to the station's growth plan including transmitter costs, volunteer training and eventually lead to more jobs in the local community

Dr Phillip Smith, chair of MK Business Leaders, said: “As Business Leaders we have a responsibility to support local community groups who are investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses.  Moving forward we are specifically interested in funding projects that improve the lives of unemployed or disadvantaged young people through business and entrepreneurial skills.”

Julia Upton, Chief Executive of MK Community Foundation, said: “MK Business Leaders has made a significant investment in local community groups by establishing this fund.  We encourage other businesses to work with us to ensure their corporate philanthropy is to the maximum benefit of Milton Keynes.” 

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